What is Original Human Movement?

Original Human Movement is a movement to help modern people return to being human again. Taking us back to our roots to receive the nourishment we need to flourish. This is broken down into three main branches: movement, nutrition, and lifestyle. Moving, eating, and living in alignment with what has allowed us homo sapiens to survive for hundreds of thousands of years is now a way for us to thrive.


For the majority of our time here on Earth, we’ve had to either run down our meat sources to exhaustion, or sprint away from becoming another animal’s meat source. We had to climb trees for honey, safe living spaces, or to get a better view. We had to get down to ground level to forage our greens, remain undetected, or stalk prey. We had to move for our food. So naturally, we moved how we ate, and ate how we moved. We had to walk, crawl, balance, run, jump, climb, lift, carry, throw, catch, and swim for all our resources. We had to fight for our lives, literally.

Today, we move a few fingers on a high-tech rock and can have food delivered straight to our temperature-controlled, artificially-lit cave. We outsource our hunting and gathering to grocery stores, our lives to television, and our tribes to social media. We’ve made big and comfy chairs, thick and stiff shoes, hard and flat floors, and wonder why we have poor posture, frequent injuries, and back pain. We’ve built right angles everywhere, no wonder we can’t think outside of the box.

“We’ve built right angles everywhere, no wonder we can’t think outside of the box.”

We see this, and attempt to mitigate the damage of poor lifestyle choices through “fitnessing” (to our detriment). We lift things up and put them down, trudge endlessly on rat wheels, and exercise to “feel the burn.” Muscle isolation, chronic cardio, and meaningless movement. Forging strong links next to weak ones. Burning ourselves out through over-use and under-recovery. We say we have “bad hips,” “bad knees,” and “bad backs”. They’re not “bad”, our bodies respond exactly as they should to the given stimuli. Want a different result? Change the stimulus.

Oh, and to “lose weight” (reclaim your ideal body composition), ‘Be sure to portion control, take ALL the supplements, and count those calories! If that doesn’t work try a magic pill or get a costly surgery, that should do the trick.’ – says the “pros”.

Never mind just eating real food. Our ancestors are rolling over in their dirt piles. Why must we over-complicate everything? What ever happened to keeping it simple, stupid Superhero?

I know, simple isn’t always easy. Especially in modern times with modern conveniences. It’s not our fault. We’re just doing exactly what we’re wired to do, just not in the environment that we’ve evolved to do it in. There’s a difference between climbing a 60-foot tree for a bit of honey to share with the tribe once in a while, and walking a couple steps from the couch and downing 10x the amount of sugar diluted in water — or worse — not even getting up from the chair while driving up to a window for liquid “energy” that we chug all alone on the commute to work every day.

“We’re just doing exactly what we’re wired to do, just not in the environment that we’ve evolved to do it in.”

Clearly, our modern way of living is an evolutionary mismatch wreaking havoc on our health. We are not meant to be sick, weak, and disconnected. That’s the result of a life unaligned. A life deficient of the kinetic, edible, social, biophilic, and experiential nourishments that we require. We need to remember who we are, where we’re from, and why we’re here. Original Human Movement is about aligning with our true selves in order to thrive as human beings.

Original Human Movement is about aligning with our true selves in order to thrive as human beings.

– Nate Amado

Movement Specialist, Prime Mover of Original Human Movement (OHM)

Helping Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts master their movement so they can train for life, pain free.



Sandra A

“I just want to say that it is never to late to change to a healthier lifestyle. I am 55 years young. In February 2017 I decided to change what I eat and start moving. I noticed when I slipped and ate something unhealthy I wouldn`t feel good. I can…


“I hope my movement coach Nate doesn’t get tired of me saying how grateful I am to have the OHM guided Morning Movement Routine in my life. I am freaking in love with that routine in the morning. I can’t imagine starting my day…

Ryan R

“I have been working with Nate now for almost 2 months and the amount of progress has been amazing to me. I’m still far away from where I would like to be in my practice, but at the same time, I’m currently performing movements that would have been impossible without…

Kevin M

“My boys, 11 & 13, love their movement sessions with Nate. It’s great to see what they learn and carry over to everyday life. Both have shown mental and physical growth since the sessions started, and Nate has been a fantastic coach for both boys.

Amber H

“Over the last two weeks moved all these rocks from the driveway to the lawn, stacked them, and then planted all these baby plants… and my back feels fine – strong even! This is 100% due to skills I learned from Nathan Amado and…