Mobility Is Crucial


Have you ever went to pull off a movement and realized that you’re body “doesn’t move that way anymore”?

Even worse is when you know exactly what you need to do while playing for fun or for sport, and in the moment your body just says…

“Nope, not happening…”  Shit!

Sucks, right?

Well you know what, this can be FATAL to your sport/hobby, your career, and your overall enjoyment of movement and life.

Mobility is CRUCIAL when it comes to unlocking your body, and if you don’t have it:

It’s either going to bite you in the ass IMMEDIATELY with an injury,

Or slowly but surely stall your progress.

Eventually fading away your ability to really unleash your true potential.

The ultimate goal is to be able to have a supple body that can move freely, at your will.

(And a clear mind to choose to do it, but more on that in another post…)

Imagine what your life would be like if you could have a 5 & 15 minute routine that would prepare your body for whatever comes it’s way, and training sessions we’re no longer something that hurt you.

Imagine your body was unlocked and able to move exactly how you wanted it to, and it was pain-free.

And after a hard training session you know it’s not only possible, but it’s fun, and you start to notice the benefits overflow into all areas of your life. You no longer feel limited.

I have a 5 & 15 minute routine that I do everyday to stay supple. It’s kept my body in peak physical condition, it’s prevented injuries, and it’s recovered me quickly from the ones that were just unavoidable.

I’m not saying that to impress you, I just want you to know that it works.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because what I noticed throughout the years that I’ve helped people unlock their bodies is that mobility is not just dumb luck… at all!

It’s more a matter of breaking it down to the simplest routine that’s accessible to everyone, having progressions for the more advanced movers so no one is left without room to improve, and having short & sweet options to fit everyone’s busy schedule.

All this ensures you can integrate into your daily life, make it a habit, and continue to sustain it for life.

And that’s exactly what most people nowadays absolutely need in order to finally start seeing a change.

That’s why I released the short and full versions of the OHM Guided Morning Movement Routines to the public.

This used to be exclusively for people enrolled in my high end program, but I’ve decided to make it accessible and affordable for all.

The reviews have been phenomenal, and so, as recommended – I’ll be increasing the price very soon to match the true value.

After doing it for some time, leave us and the community a comment. We’d love to hear how it’s impacted your life.

Get access to yours today:


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“Win the morning, win the day!”