Endurance, Do You Have It?

Do you have it?

Can you go the extra mile? Make it to the top? Can you keep up without running out of breath?

Is it something that you think will improve by just doing more cardio?

Or do you wonder if there other things that can help you make leaps & bounds in your progress?

There’s nothing worse than tapping out to exhaustion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just move & explore, to try something new, and play full out without feeling like you’re half-dead for once?

Often people say ‘just do more cardio’  to improve.

Sure, that may work… eventually.

But how long do you want to suffer before you get there?

What if there were simple actions you could take right now to improve your endurance?

Would you do it now, or would you wait?

Comment below if you struggle to keep your breath, or better yet, book a call if you want help solving this now.

P.S. – I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I’ve been there, I used to have asthma. It’s not fun, but there are simple & effective ways to overcome this struggle. And it’s not enough to just know how, you need a solid step-by-step plan, and a coach to help you through it. Let’s talk.

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