OHM Mission

To help health conscious humans unlock their bodies so they can step boldly into ANY adventure, and live life pain free.

OHM Vision

A world where moving our bodies the way they’ve evolved to move, eating the food that we’ve evolved to eat, and living a lifestyle that is more in alignment with our DNA is the norm (again) – so we can not only survive, but also thrive.

OHM Values


We understand that we come from Nature, and that we will return to Nature. We respect Nature’s wisdom. Any attempts to deny our true Nature will be futile.


We choose freedom over everything, even “perceived” safety. We understand staying safe in our comfort zone is a self-imposed prison.


We strive to be adaptable, we are not rigid. We don’t let anything stop us. We flow like water and keep moving forward.


We explore anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere. We know that our best selves are out there, outside of our comfort zones, and it takes exploration to find ourselves.


We are open to all the possibilities. We don’t close off in fear, we don’t hold back our gifts, and we won’t diminish our light for anyone or anything.


We practice only what is practical, and we move with purpose. Effectiveness comes first, efficiency comes after.


We keep it playful. We know that we learn the best and grow the most when we are playing, having fun, and not taking life so serious.


We keep it real. We’re not projecting images, we are becoming our true selves. We’re not here to impress, but to express what’s possible.


We’re growing, always. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes rapidly. We see every challenge as an opportunity for growth. We win and we learn.


We are here to connect with each other, to learn from each other, and to grow with each other. We know we can travel farther together.


We trust the technique, we trust in the process, we trust that everything is perfectly imperfect, exactly as it is.


We strive for wholeness – in movement, in nutrition, in health, in emotions, in relationships, in life. We focus on the bigger picture, and realize the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.