Calories In, Calories Out?

There’s a myth that’s spread around the health & fitness realm of “calories in, calories out”.Should you count calories, or not?If I were to give you a simple, one-worded answer, it would be…No.But of course, there are nuances, and that’s what we're going to talk about today...The whole "calories in, calories out" idea SOUNDS good, and it … Continue reading Calories In, Calories Out?

Millionaire Working for Minimum Wage?

Imagine this… A man who’s been working hard and saving up his WHOLE life. His savings steadily grow, year after year, until he’s reached his 30’s, 40’s, maybe even 50’s. He’s accumulated so much wealth over time that he’s a millionaire now. But he doesn’t realize how much he’s worth. He NEVER spends the money … Continue reading Millionaire Working for Minimum Wage?

Three Things You Need to Build Your Strength

Everybody wants to be strong, right?  Well, strong for what? I know people that are strong couch-sitters; they could out sit me any day of the week. OK then, let’s be more specific: Strong to lift heavy shit. That’s the focus of conventional fitness, so called "strength training". “Pick shit up and put it down.” … Continue reading Three Things You Need to Build Your Strength

How to Recover from and Prevent Injuries

This is getting out of hand.So many movers, sport players, and everyday people are injured, have been injured, or are going to be injured.And if you have been injured already, you are likely to be re-injured.Unless you change something now.The definition of insanity is when you keep doing the SAME thing over and over, and … Continue reading How to Recover from and Prevent Injuries

Death to Dieting

May this be the last time you ever “diet”... (Taking a sip of a Real Ale as I type this…) Have you tried dieting with no success? You’ve probably tried to eat food that you really don’t like, in the name of “health”. Or maybe you’ve tried to count calories and portion control. Or you … Continue reading Death to Dieting