How to Bounce Back After Tough Trainings

Have you been wondering this? Why are some people are out for days after training? And some people can train twice a day no problem? What are they doing to recover so quickly? What are you NOT doing that’s stalling your progress so much? So many people want to train more often but are limited by … Continue reading How to Bounce Back After Tough Trainings

Should You Really Stretch More?

I get these questions and see statements like these, A LOT: “What stretches should I do?” or “I think I need to stretch more”. It’s a common misconception, to think stretching is going to solve all of your problems. You wake up as stiff as a board the day after training, You stand up feeling like the Tin Man, And you think you just … Continue reading Should You Really Stretch More?

Are You Eating Ass-Backwards?

This might sound weird but, I see this all the time. Especially around the holiday season... People eating ass-backwards. 😲(I double checked the punctuation. It’s still nasty…) Somewhere in the latest trend of “health & fitness” people were infected with this idea, That if you eat that “bad” food, you have to work out extra hard. … Continue reading Are You Eating Ass-Backwards?

3 Ways to Boost Your Cardio

Today we’re going to be talking about something that I know many people are struggling with... I see it in the comments of our Facebook Tribe. I see it on the  everyday, I even see it off of the mats in everyday life, And that is the struggle of having weak cardio. If you’re one … Continue reading 3 Ways to Boost Your Cardio

Do You Need Supplements?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately… ‘What supplements do you recommend?’ ‘What should I take for X, Y, and Z?’ ‘Do I even need supplements?’ All great questions, and there’s a lot of confusion in this area, so let’s demystify it right now. The problem with supplements is that they are just a … Continue reading Do You Need Supplements?