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Endurance, Do You Have It?

Do you have it?

Can you go the extra mile? Make it to the top? Can you keep up without running out of breath?

Is it something that you think will improve by just doing more cardio?

Or do you wonder if there other things that can help you make leaps & bounds in your progress?

There’s nothing worse than tapping out to exhaustion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just move & explore, to try something new, and play full out without feeling like you’re half-dead for once?

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Mobility Is Crucial

Have you ever went to pull off a movement and realized that you’re body “doesn’t move that way anymore”?

Even worse is when you know exactly what you need to do while playing for fun or for sport, and in the moment your body just says…

“Nope, not happening…”  Shit!

Sucks, right?

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