Maximize Your Mobility

Forget flexibility! We know how crucial mobility is for ease of movement and just how harmful stretching can be. Say goodbye to stretching, and hello to movement.

Clear Your Mind

Mindfulness, breath, and movement all together will ensure you start your day with a clear mind—and we know clarity is king!

Minimize Your Injuries

The only proven way to prevent injuries is to have strength and control in your movement. This will help bulletproof your body, even in the toughest rolls of Jiu Jitsu.

Win the Morning...

When we take control of our morning, and take care of ourselves first, we gain the ability to conquer any obstacle that comes our way. WIN THE DAY!

Choose your routine

Choose from the Ground or the Standing variation, or better yet – save now with the bundle option and get BOTH Morning Movement Routines and enjoy the freedom to move anywhere at anytime!

Ground Variation
Standing Variation




  • Advanced Ground Variation with Progressions
  • Build Your Foundation From the Ground Up
  • Guided & Follow Along Videos Included
  • 1 User - Unlimited Access
  • Lifetime Support & Money Back Guarantee



  • Both Advanced Variations with Progressions
  • Freedom to Move Anywhere at Anytime!
  • Both Guided & Follow Along Videos Included
  • 1 User - Unlimited Access
  • Lifetime Support & Money Back Guarantee




  • Beginner Standing Variation with Progressions
  • Stand Tall and Stay Strong on Your Feet
  • Guided & Follow Along Videos Included
  • 1 User - Unlimited Access
  • Lifetime Support & Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

MMR is short for Morning Movement Routine! These Original Human Movement (OHM) MMR’s are something you can do every morning to help you, literally and figuratively, keep moving forward in life, and conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

These morning movement routines are for anyone who wants to build and/or sustain a solid movement foundation to maximize their mobility, prevent injuries, and start every day with a win.

Every routine in the series includes a Guided and a Follow Along video. The Guided version is done slowly so you can easily learn the routine. The Follow Along version is 2x speed so once you get in the groove of the routine you can go at a quicker pace.

The Advanced, Ground variation Guided video is about 15 minutes, and the Follow Along is just over 7 minutes.

The Advanced, Standing variation Guided video is in about 18 minutes, and the Follow Along is about 9 minutes. The standing variation is also split up into 2 parts, macro movements and micro movements, which can be done together or as a standalone routine.

You can of course do it as fast/slow as you’d like, and as many times as you’d like, to suit your daily needs.

The Ground variation is great for the beach or on the mats and is the most effective way to build your foundation, literally from the ground up.

The Standing variation is great for when moving on the ground isn’t feasible (think outside with rough terrain) but you still absolutely need to get your morning movement in.

Having both variations will give you a warm, mobile, supple body, and a calm, centered focused mind – no matter where you are – and ensure that you win the morning, win the dayevery day!

Yes, you can do this routine daily for 10 years or more, even if you decide the value is too great – just email us 10 pictures from different days of your movement routine to show you gave it a chance – and we’ll refund you right away.

We’re that confident that after doing this routine daily, for as little as a month, you’ll enjoy the benefits so much that you’ll not only keep your routine moving forward, you’ll also tell all your friends to get their copy, too.  😉

Plus, good movement is a good way to guarantee a good morning, a good morning is a good way to guarantee a good day, and a good day is a good way to guarantee a good lifetime.

Is there a better lifetime guarantee than that?

You can contact us here at anytime for questions or support.

Our clients say

“You know because of you and the Morning Movement Routine… many other movements are attainable to me in my mind. I see it and I do it. I no longer fear.“

“I hope my Movement Coach, Nate, doesn’t get tired of me saying how grateful I am to have the OHM Guided Morning Movement Routine in my life. I am freaking in love with that routine in the morning. I can’t imagine starting my day without it. Feeling good through the Morning Movement Routine day in and day out grew my confidence… [it] has me wondering if I can tackle the handstand push up… or just being upside down. So I decided to face that movement fear, and go for it."
Chan S.
Nurse & Biohacker
“Bro the last 5 weeks have been phenomenal. Best shape of my life. Thanks for all your help.”
Phillip b.
Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt & Instructor
"I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel after starting this program. It’s hard to even describe. I feel so much stronger, and more mobile, and I’m just getting started!"
John H.
Gracie Jiu Jitsu Combatives Belt
“Your morning ritual is dope.”

“I’ve struggled with hip pain for 3 years. To assuage the pain, I tried medication, chiropractors, yoga, and anything else I could think of — to no avail. One session with Nate gave me 3 days of pain free movement. The only 3 days I’ve had without pain in years. Give this man a chance to help you.”
Zack S.
Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt
OHM Advanced MMR’s – Original Human Movement