How to Return from the Holidays Better Than Ever

I don’t know about you, but I was glad to be back on the mats after the holidays, I did notice something though, which inspired this post: That some people come back better, and some people come back worse after a break, Have you noticed this in yourself? Which one are you? I talked with someone … Continue reading How to Return from the Holidays Better Than Ever

Are You Eating Ass-Backwards?

This might sound weird but, I see this all the time. Especially around the holiday season... People eating ass-backwards. 😲(I double checked the punctuation. It’s still nasty…) Somewhere in the latest trend of “health & fitness” people were infected with this idea, That if you eat that “bad” food, you have to work out extra hard. … Continue reading Are You Eating Ass-Backwards?

Calories In, Calories Out?

There’s a myth that’s spread around the health & fitness realm of “calories in, calories out”.Should you count calories, or not?If I were to give you a simple, one-worded answer, it would be…No.But of course, there are nuances, and that’s what we're going to talk about today...The whole "calories in, calories out" idea SOUNDS good, and it … Continue reading Calories In, Calories Out?

Death to Dieting

May this be the last time you ever “diet”... (Taking a sip of a Real Ale as I type this…) Have you tried dieting with no success? You’ve probably tried to eat food that you really don’t like, in the name of “health”. Or maybe you’ve tried to count calories and portion control. Or you … Continue reading Death to Dieting