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Life Got You in a Guillotine Choke?

I learned a lesson while rolling the other day that I wanted to share with you.

And it relates very much to life.

(There are a lot of insights that can be seen in Jiu Jitsu, if you just look with a bigger picture view)

So I was rolling with my professor and I got caught in a DEEP Guillotine Choke.

Anyone who has been there, knows that’s not a good situation to be in,

But I remembered this specific strategy to defend against it:

Stick your chin out & up (all the way to the mat if you’re in their guard) until you can start the escape.

So I did, I stuck my chin out, kept my chin up, and I just remained calm and continued to breathe until I could fight the hands and escape.

It worked.

And after I was thinking about how relatable that is to life.

So many people reach out to me and tell me how they just feel stuck

And they just don’t know how to get out from where they are.

So here’s your answer from this lesson learned:

When you feel like life has you in a deep “Guillotine Choke”…

Just keep your chin up and breathe, until you can take the next steps to escape.

If you don’t know what the next steps are, reach out and let’s talk to see if we can work it out.

Comment below, let me know what’s going on for you right now.

Talk soon,


P.S. – If you’re wondering why you haven’t been seeing as many of these posts lately, I’ve been giving all my attention to my clients and the OHM Online Program, and seeing great results. I know some of you we’re interested but weren’t able to make it in the first round. I like to keep the group small and focused, so if you’d like to be on the top of the list for the next round, be sure to apply here and get in early before all the spots are gone.

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Hidden Jiu Jitsu Your Life

I was just training with a friend the other day and we were talking about Hidden Jiu Jitsu.

If you don’t know anything about Hidden/Invisible Jiu Jitsu, it’s basically a set of principles and details of techniques that most people don’t see or know about, but make a HUGE difference.

If you have felt the hidden details before, you know just how powerful they are.

Take alavanca (leverage), for example, everyone knows it’s invisible to the eye but impossible to resist.

Now imagine having the details for every technique that actually use the principle of alavanca.

Rickson Gracie discovered these invisible details over the years of his reign on top.

What makes them so mind blowing is that almost NOBODY knows them, and sometimes the way that most people teach is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the more effective & efficient way.

After over 3 years of training BJJ, after investing in his online course, I learned how to do the bridge & roll escape from mount the RIGHT way.

Anyone who does BJJ knows that that technique is a ‘Day 1 technique’

You probably learned that technique in your first week, but it doesn’t mean that you learned how to do it right.

And now I’m re-learning a lot of the ‘white belt’ techniques the ‘black belt’ way, you could say.

And it got me thinking about all the hidden things in health & fitness that most people miss.

The same way most people are taught how to be healthy and fit is the exact opposite of what they need.

After studying in the field of human health for years, learning from all the experts, and putting into practice these principles and details that most people just don’t know (or they think they know, but it ends up being the exact opposite).

So much of the way people are exercising and dieting is so far off, at least – ineffective, and at most – downright damaging to their health.

There are these hidden details that most people don’t see that separate the average from those in their peak.

And these details are based on very simple principles, in the same way Jiu Jitsu is based on leverage, connection, base, and so on.

A lot of people come to me because they are stuck, and they just can’t see what they’re doing wrong.

From recurring injuries they can’t seem to heal, to extra body fat they can’t seem to lose, to a stiff body they can’t seem to loosen up,

And when we go over these hidden details, they’re health and fitness (and therefore their performance) just skyrocket.

It’s amazing what can happen when you apply these simple principles to your daily life.

If you feel like your missing some details that are preventing you from unlocking your body and freeing your mind, then book a call so we can put our heads together and figure out what your missing.

After you book your free breakthrough call and fill out the form afterwards, we’ll get on the phone and talk for about 45-mins to find out what barriers are holding you back, and how you can break through them.

One thing I know is, you don’t know what you don’t know.
That’s why we do these calls – to see what we can find out, and how we can breakthrough to unleash your true potential, together.

Talk soon,


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Should You Really Stretch More?

I get these questions and see statements like these, A LOT:

“What stretches should I do?” or “I think I need to stretch more”.

It’s a common misconception, to think stretching is going to solve all of your problems.

You wake up as stiff as a board the day after training,

You stand up feeling like the Tin Man,

And you think you just need to stretch away your creakiness.

But does it really make any sense? Should you really stretch more?

One of my best clients has been a yoga teacher for 20+ years so, as you can imagine, she stretches A LOT.

When she came to me she had major FLEXIBILITY but no MOBILITY.

Meaning she was able to reach the range of motions passively but had no strength, no control, there.

She would often joke how she would get blown over with the wind.

Is that what you really want when training for real life?

If you do this wrong you’re not only NOT going to rid your body of the stiffness, you’re also going to weaken your muscles,

You’ll end up wearing yourself thin, and then having “surprise” injuries, often.

If you do this right, and you move better and you move more often, you’ll have better results with less effort.

You’ll be more connected to your body, you’ll be able to understand what it’s saying, and you’ll know how to have a conversation with it that will unlock new possibilities, strengthen old connections, and prevent injury.

If this sounds like you, and you want help overcoming this stiffness and weakness once and for allbook a call with me to talk about it.

Click that link to go to my calendar and pick a time that works for you. Fill out the quick form afterwards so I can provide the most value for you on the call.

We’ll get clear on what’s keeping you stuck right now, where you want to go, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together. And if we are, I’ll tell you how we can unlock your body to do that.

Talk soon,


P.S. – That client I mentioned earlier, she’s now stronger than most guys I see at the gym. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there is something wrong with knowing that you can be better, and not doing anything about it. If you know you are not where you want to be right now, why wait to take action?

Here’s that link again.

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Do You Need Supplements?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately…

‘What supplements do you recommend?’

‘What should I take for X, Y, and Z?’

‘Do I even need supplements?’

All great questions, and there’s a lot of confusion in this area, so let’s demystify it right now.

The problem with supplements is that they are just a band-aid for the symptoms.

They are not addressing the root cause.

So you can take supplements for life and never fix the real problem.

Now I’m not discounting ALL supplements, sometimes band-aids are beneficial if you just have a little cut and you need to cover it so you can do something right now.

But when your arm is cut off you don’t need band-aids, you need surgery,

The reason why you’re joints are stiff, your body is creaky, and you’re not recovering well isn’t because you’re not taking the right supplements

It’s because you’re missing pieces of the puzzle in your lifestyle to be in peak health.

It could be in the area of nutrition, of movement, of recovery, and so on.

Even if you thought there was some magical supplement, a perfect supplement, a “cure all”,

You try and find it online or by going to the supplement shop, and you’re just standing there scratching your head looking at a thousand different brands of a thousand different types.

How do you know which one to choose?

Do you trust the supplement shop guy, who doesn’t know athing about what your body needs?

If you do that you’ll end up going home with about 10 different bottles of things with ingredients you don’t even know how to pronounce.

Now it’s just one extra thing you have to do in your busy day, and you’re not even sure if they work or not.

Now a few years down the line, and hundreds to thousands of dollars later, you still have the same problem, and it’s only getting worse over time.

And now your kitchen is filled with these huge bottles of stuff you don’t even use anymore.

It’s a waste of time, waste of money, waste of energy.

That’s an expensive band-aid when all you needed was to make some simple changes to your lifestyle.

Not easy, of course, but simple, for sure.

And when you look at the bigger picture, we know it’s ALWAYS worth it.

We all know what happens to those who move for sports or play who don’t have the puzzle figured out yet… the inevitable injury.

And how much that really costs them… (time-wise, financially, emotionally, etc.)

That can ALL be avoided when you just fill in the missing pieces of your peak health puzzle.

So if this is something you’re struggling with right now, if you want to avoid the inevitable, and you’re ready to talk about how you can do that, then book a call by clicking here.

Pick a time that works for you and fill out the form after so we can get the most out of the call for you. We’ll hop on the phone at the time you selected and talk for about 45 mins to find out exactly what you’re missing, and what you really need to reach your peak health.

The call is absolutely free but we both know that not filling in ALL the missing pieces of your peak health puzzle is not. This is NOT for those who are looking for a cheap, easy, “supplemental” program and the kind of results that they bring. And this is not for dabblers who are just interested in improving their health, their movement, and their life.

This is those who are committed, coachable, and resourceful. Those who are ready to show up and do the work, who will do whatever it takes to reach the peak and sustain it. If that’s you, then book a call and I’ll talk with you soon.

– Nate

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What’s Really Holding You Back?

Let me ask you…

What’s really holding you back?

Is it your injuries? Is it the fact that you’re overweight? Is it the fact that you’re stiff? Is it the fact that you’re fatigued? 

What is it?

Is it the resources that you do or don’t have? Whether that’s money, time, or what have you?

What is REALLY holding you back?

I’m here to help you realize today that it’s NONE of those things.

It’s not you’re environment. It’s not your genetics. It’s not your situation. It’s not your resources.

It all comes down to ONE major thing, and that’s you’re MINDSET. 

Everything starts with your mindset.

That’s the KEY to discovering what’s really holding you back. 

It’s all in your mind.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you have the external resources to do something. 

You have to first decide that you want to do it, and then take the necessary action steps to do it.

I talk to a lot of people, and I hear a lot of excuses.

We hear it all the time, people who say they can’t do move because they need to get in shape first,

People who say they can’t train because they don’t have the time, 

People who say they can’t be healthy because they don’t have the money. 

It’s all bullshit.

The only real obstacle holding you back is your mind. 

You have to first accept that YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

That your family is worth it. That your life is worth it. 

That you are worth becoming your best self, so you can show up and give your best to the world. 

You need to decide that you can, and WILL, do something about it. 

First comes the decision to change, then comes the how to do it. 

It doesn’t matter what the excuse is (even it’s true).

Now, would it be easier to move if you weren’t overweight? Yes. 

Would be easier to make the move forward in life if you weren’t so stiff? Yeah.

Would it be easier to get after what you really want if you weren’t always tired? Of course.

To change those things though, you must first change your mindset,

Then you can change your actions, and that will change your outcomes.

And that’s where our priorities come in, we all have to decide what our priorities are.

And it only makes sense to prioritize your health over everything else,

Because without your health, you have NOTHING.

No matter where you go, you’re always going to be there.

No matter what you do, it’s always going to be you doing it.

You can only bring as much to the world as you have, as you are.

So if you’re not your best self, 

You won’t be the best as you can be in your relationships,

You won’t be the best as you can be in your career,

You’re not going to be your best in ANYTHING, unless you are your best self.

That’s why we prioritize our health & fitness first,

Because when you get into peak health, you have a peak life.

And to do that, first comes the decision, then comes everything you need to make it a reality

You WILL find a way to do it when you just DECIDE. 

For example, let’s say you were injured and you absolutely NEEDED a surgery that costs 10’s of thousands of dollars or more, but you didn’t have the money (or so you thought).

Once you accept that you NEED the surgery, and you decide to go ahead and do it, you’re going to find a way to get it. Regardless. 

You’ll do whatever it takes. There is no obstacle big enough for commitment, decisiveness, and resourcefulness.

So it’s NEVER about the resources (time, money, or energy), it’s ALWAYS about deciding what you want, how committed you are to getting it, and how resourceful you are going to be.

If this is something that’s happening with you, if you have goals of getting into your peak health but you feel like there’s something holding you back, then reach out for help.

If you feel like you’re at the bottom of the mountain looking up at the top and you know where you want to go, but your boots are stuck in the mud. Then I have an opportunity for you to change that, and get UNSTUCK, right now.

We know that once you decide, once you take that first step, you’re going to need to best map, the best tools, and the best guide to help get you the rest of the way to the peak. We know that their are a million paths up the mountain, and not all of them reach the top. 

We know that even if you have the right map, but you don’t have the right gear, that it’s going to be a struggle to get to the top, and even if you do make it, it’s going to take you a lot longer than it would if you had the right tools. 

And we know that even if you have both the right map and the right gear, without the best guide, one who’s been up the path before and has the awareness of what to look out for, you’re going to miss vital signs. You need someone who can spot the mountain lions tracks along the path and can adjust course properly.

That’s exactly what we have, a highly transformational program that is designed specifically to help you get into peak health AND sustain it. To unlock your body and free your mind so you can unleash your true potential. To see if it’s a good fit for you, apply by clicking here.

Clink that link to book a call, fill out the application form, and we’ll talk more at the time you selected to see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Let me be clear this is NOT for everybody, I only make an offer to about 70% of the people I speak with. So please read over who this is for before applying.

I only open up a few spots for this per month, and the committed & decisive get a special offer on pricing (a fast-action discount) over the phone, that does GO UP after the call. So I suggest you do all your thinking, your talking with your significant other, and your finances before the call.

If you feel you’re a good fit, and if you’re committed to reaching your peak, then book a call to apply, and I’ll talk with you soon.

– Nate