Read What OHM Clients Have to Say:

“Nate has been training me for two years, and it’s been life changing. I am much stronger in lots of ways, and am doing things I never thought I would be able to do. Every time I see him, I learn valuable information about myself, and am feeling more able to handle a zombie apocalypse. I highly recommend Nate for anyone who is looking to begin, or add to, their movement practice.”


“I’ve trained with Nate for several months now and I would have to describe him as a phenomenal trainer. He’s exceedingly patient and encouraging, insightful and helpful, and generally just a great guy. If you are on the fence or just curious about this whole “MovNat” thing, I highly recommend training with Nate.”


Steve C

“I’ve struggled with hip pain for 3 years. To assuage the pain, I tried medication, chiropractors, yoga, and anything else I could think of — to no avail. One session with Nate gave me 3 days of pain free movement. The only 3 days I’ve had without pain in years. Give this man a chance to help you.”

Zack S

“Hey Nate! In honor of our 10th session together, I just wanted to thank you for all your insights and patient encouragement. I feel I’ve improved much more in the last months than I did in the previous years trying to learn MovNat on my own. You have literally coached me into doing things I seriously didn’t think I could do! You are awesome, dude!”


“Attending this movement seminar revealed to me how I complicate my daily movements by adding unnecessary things to it. Me and my daughter, who was 6 years old at the time, attended the seminar and she had a blast. Nate told us just to refer back to what children do and how they move naturally. The instruction was incredible, simple, and easy to follow. I’m limited in my range of motion in my left shoulder and Nate showed some stretching and some hanging that allows for me now to be able to move about without so much restriction. This class ROCKS, I highly recommend it for those who are looking to get back into fitness and those who want to become more familiar with their bodies!”

“I have a million and one things to say that are AWESOME! You’ve really helped me build mobility and confidence to use my left shoulder from what I learned in that class.”

Jimmy H

“It’s been a good while since I’ve been to a movement workshop, however my experience with it was wonderful. You get really good and very functional movements whether it be for work, daily life, or if you just want to do it for fun! You also get to learn some pretty cool breathing techniques, and get a good workout from it! So give it a shot and do a workshop!”

Tre H

“It became evident to me that I could be moving better. While I am a good yoga practitioner, I was also lacking functional strength and mobility (I always think what I would need to do in a zombie apocalypse, and the answer is not triangle pose 😜). Y’all. This video captures a huge moment for me… My first time to be able to lift my feet off the ground in a horizontal hang!! This all has been made possible by working with Nathan Amado, who is a certified MovNat™ trainer, and is also taking Katy Bowman’s 52 week biomechanics course. He is helping me to be stronger in a real way. I’ve been crawling, lifting, balancing, squatting, hanging… I can’t wait to see what the next step is! This work is helping change my dialogue about what it means to be strong. This is all about readiness and resiliency.”

Shelagh M

“My boys, 11 & 13, love their movement sessions with Nate. It’s great to see what they learn carry over to everyday life. Both have shown mental and physical growth since the sessions started, and Nate has been a fantastic coach for both boys. I highly recommend Nate for all of your ‘live like a human’ needs.”

Kevin M

“Our boys have learned so much working with Nate these last few months. He is encouraging and motivates them to push themselves. The lessons are ones that they will take with them for a lifetime! Thank you so much Nathan Amado for spreading and sharing your positivity with us. It is worth mentioning that my boys are 11 and 13. Due to our schedules we can only meet early on Saturday mornings (8am) and they LOVE IT! No complaints when we go.”

Tiffany M