Heather H
“My last two sessions with Nathan Amado have been great! For context, I am a mom of 6 who just turned 48 and who has been rather sedentary the past 2 years. Nate has been super encouraging and gives me just enough challenge to push me to do more without me feeling overwhelmed by the difficulty or perceived difficulty. Last week, the low cross crawl was completely different for me. I felt confident and strong doing it. In the past it seemed so hard! When I contemplated why it was so different, I realized that this time Nate crawled along side me. There’s just something about knowing you are not alone, you know? It gave me someone to follow and model my movements after and gave me the momentum I required to shift my mindset. Lesson? Community brings common unity and builds strength for and to all. This week my big take away was I did more than I thought I could. Nate is super patient, never rushes, and always knows how to adapt to me. I feel secure that he sees what is best for me and leads me there versus pushing me to do what is best for him. I love this! Today my victory was the hang and swing. At first my hands were slipping and I slipped into “I can’t do this” mindset…caught myself…and we realized that I could grab some dirt to rub between my hands and BAM! The impossible is immediately possible and I AM in my strength. The best thing is that today I had FUN! This is a huge shift for me. In the past I have “worked out” and “exercised” because I know it is good for me. I love the feeling after but in the moment I have to really fight my thoughts wanting to give up. Today, I entered into my joy of movement and my strength and my body doing what it is created to do…MOVE! Thanks again, Nate, for such an empowering session!”
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