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The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Hope this isn’t too “heavy”

Do you have troubling shedding extra body fat?

Have you tried exercising it away, but still have more than a few pounds to go?

Maybe you lost some weight, than gained it back?

If that’s the case, you probably knowingly/unknowingly have been trying to exercise away a shitty diet.

Most people do this wrong. Most people either over do it, or under do it.

If you’re having trouble losing weight you’re probably doing it one of these two ways, too.

And it’s not your fault, that’s what the conventional wisdom plays on repeat (I use “wisdom” here lightly)

Because of this, you probably fall into one of these two categories:

1. You eat a shitty diet, and exercise too much.


2. You eat a shitty diet, and exercise too little.

You can see the common denominator here; poor nutrition.

But most people will tell you that you need to just kill it in the gym to lose weight…

Here’s why that won’t work:

Exercise is INEFFECTIVE for losing weight. If you’re trying to exercise away a shitty diet, you’re wasting your time!

Even if you do see any results, you’ll be trying way too hard to get them, and they WILL NOT last.

Why? Because 80% of body composition is a result of nutrition.

In other words, what you put in is the cause of 80% of what you get out.

And reading another diet book or article isn’t going to help you get there either.

How do I know? Because it hasn’t worked for you yet… has it?

You don’t need more INFORMATION. You need TRANSFORMATION.

You need the right tools, a step-by-step game plan, and the support of a coach to help you get there.

There will be roadblocks, and if you don’t have a coach who has seen them before, who knows how to navigate around them, you will either get slow downed extremely or brought to a complete stop (maybe even put in reverse).

If you don’t take action now, ask yourself, where will you be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

Will you be living the life you imagined with your dream body and health?

Or will you be living on the sidelines watching life pass you by?

Do you see yourself keeping up with life’s adventures?

Or will you be watching your weight creep up, year after year, until you have to throw in the towel?

And it’s not just the fact that you’ll be carrying around the extra weight with you everywhere you go…

You’ll be moving slower, you’re body will feel stiffer, and you will be gasping for air quicker.

You can continue trying your way, even though it hasn’t worked yet. Or you can try something that will work.

Something that’s sustainable.

Something that will make your peak health easy to achieve, and even EASIER to maintain.

Something that will allow you to pursue your PASSION for movement — for life!

I know the struggle you’re going through, I’ve seen it all too often. And I know where it’s going to take you if you do something about it…

And I’m willing to help you, if you’re willing to take action.

So if you’re ready to make a change, let’s talk about it.

I’ve opened up my calendar to speak with you in the next 48 hours – to book a call, just click that link and pick whatever time works for you.

After that, fill out the application form real quick (it’s only 5 or 6 questions), and I will speak with you at the appointment time you selected.

Talk soon,


P.S. – When we hop on the call, we’re going to get you clear on three things:

1. Where you are at in your health & fitness, what’s working, what’s not working

2. Where you want to be, and 

3. How you can close the gap and reach your goals.

If we’re a good fit, I’d be happy to help you get there, and if not, that’s cool too. Either way, you’re going to get massive value from the call.

Here’s that link again:


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